Strategic Development Services

With experience at all levels of government across the United States & internationally, you can trust Doura-Schawohl to help you build valued connections and navigate the complexities of gaming policy, addictions, disorders and disabilities, and veterans issues. 

Legislative & Regulatory

Guiding your policy initiatives into regulation, bill, and law.

Relationship Building

Establish and grow relationships with key decision makers that support your organization’s goals.

Coalition Building

Discovering and empowering shared partners that would build a policy plan and unite to push the policy forward.

Intelligence Gathering

Make more informed decisions through the collection and organization of key data and insights.

Project Management

Guiding you through the development of internal projects & policies.

Neutralizing Opposition

Offer insight and strategic development to benefit your organizational objectives.

Grassroots Advocacy

Mobilize your base to engage with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels.